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The weirdest things in the World

Real or fake ?

weird house in Japan

The Netherlands never really was a desert, but the designers down at UCX Architects in Amsterdam created this apartment complex called The Urban Cactus, anyway. Sure looks weird; though not half as weird as the Babelfish translation of the designers' description, which goes like: "Urban Cactus are themselves to the head of this back edge and belong as an object more at this green vein then at the surrounding urban structure." You betcha!

Designed by a group of Dutch architects and designers of the firm MVRDV, these are Wozoco's Apartments: our second weirdo in Amsterdam, Netherlands - the Dutch rule too! A pretty funky architecture fit for a college's design department dorm, you'd think? Nope, they are for the elderly Dutch people! The designers description, weirdly, could almost be describing a space station: "We combine the technique of assemblage with strong zoning envelopes, often discovered through a recombination of program and site-specific elements." Yup, it's hip to be square in Amsterdam.

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